Medical Affairs Island

The virtual world platform for real-time meetings and collaboration from BESTMSLs

The BESTMSLs Medical Affairs Island platform provides an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment where colleagues, from locations around the world, can engage in real- time conversation, collaborate, and participate in a wide variety of meeting sessions and events.

Visitors to Medical Affairs Island navigate through the virtual campus using their personalized avatars. Life-like interaction with presenters, moderators, and colleagues is made possible with proximity-aware “3D voice” communications. This technology provides participants with the opportunity to engage in spontaneous one-on-one or small group discussions anywhere in the island.

BESTMSLs Medical Affairs Island

The flexible environment is ideal for many types of meetings:

  • Internal “All Hands”, Departmental, or Small Group Meetings
  • Internal Training Meetings
  • Simulated Call Training for MSLs or Sales Representatives
  • Advisory Boards
  • Investigator Meetings
  • Speaker Training Meetings

Engaging Virtual Meetings of All Sizes

Medical Affairs Island Intimate Room
Medical Affairs Island Forest
Medical Affairs Island Rooftop
Medical Affairs Island Beach Scene

Medical Affairs Island Key Features

✓ Real-time, life-like conversations and collaboration
✓ Engagement tools include slide sharing, video sharing, interactive audience polls, asynchronous discussion boards, and more
✓ Fully managed event logistics and execution –or– self-service meeting rooms
✓ Speaker training, attendee training, and technical support included

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